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Alas, Cosmos…the endless space nesting all that you can imagine or not

So naïve of the mankind to pride in their quest

Wishfully thinking it’s all at their behest

Foolishly competing with the Creator and their kin

Knowing but not acknowledging that it’s only their whim

Of all that they discovered already existed through eons

And all that they have not, including what’s beyond

With a questionable intellect and skill to think

What have we created that makes us so proud

Politics, religion, racism, poverty and other garbs to shroud

Gather all we can even when we do not need

Closing our eyes when others bleed

Our greed has taken new forms and reached the zenith

If we must consume, must be less than what we have the ability to replenish

Lest we want the human race to perish

We should encompass the environ in totality

Or continue our endless quest leading to fatality

Albeit, Cosmos- the endless space…nests too such powers that you would shudder to imagine or not

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