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Search For A Soul...

In the solitude of my heart I look for company

In the emptiness I find my friends

In the sea of mortals I find myself walking alone

I look for souls like me who look for souls …like mine

It’s a constant waiting…a search that never ends

Sometimes though I got lucky when I met someone at life’s bends

But that was momentary nothing lasting or eternal

Someone still gives me a distant call and tells me not to stop

A voice from no where guides me in directions which no one dares

I go on and on in this endless travail, a journey so purposeful and yet so meaningless…

The pains, the scars, the sobs and the sighs do not deter me

The even so optimist, my soul, seeks another forlorn, forbidden creature of God

Who like me is in the search…?

Wonder what it will be like when we meet?

The suspense, the uncertainty, the waiting, the wail…is no less like looking for the Holy Grail.

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