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When The Words Fail....

How can I convey to you when the words fail

What I want to say is no longer but a wail

Who wants to listen to sorrows?

When everyone is just so engrossed with tomorrows

How do I talk to you when you do not wish so?

My voice as much loud it is will still fade away

May be for you we have nothing left to say

A weeping heart for you is a hard deal

This at best has my fate sealed

If you not so wish to talk to me

I will try to let it be

Will cage all those feelings once again

Won’t let them out for another soul to hear the disdain

Let bygones be as bygones always remain

Something so simple for you might be for me still so profane

It’s not much but just sometime to build a shell

A black hole to have all my feelings to fell

I will console my heart and soul

A shooting star is an illusion and no more

Won’t let the ray of hope let my feelings soar

Will sit and watch the sun from the shore

For in truth it exists no more….

It’s as much as you showed me the door

Is the moral of the story is to trust no more

For when the words fail

Emotions and feelings are nothing but a broken sail

Tell me so if it is otherwise

Your care and trust is no disguise

I am the wisest but not so wise

The words I hear is what I feel

Or the words I don't makes me think

For all I expect from you is to make me rise

Not to shrunk and no to sink

If your care, trust and feeling is true

Speak those words...and not let them fail...

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