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Born in Kashmir, India, in 1969, Alok Singhal has traveled across the globe and lived in different parts of the world (Canada, Colombia, India, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, UAE, Ukraine), and has put all of his life experiences into a collection of lush and intimate poems. His poetry is wise, heartbreaking, and healing at the same time.

'Isn't it time to take few steps behind?', he writes, 'A bit of contemplation / A little thought on the mankind..'. His words are a way of sharing the hard-earned gift of wisdom pulling the reader closer to the mysteries and beauty of the ordinary yet unseen in life.


The attention to human emotion is the centerpiece of the poetic lines of Alok's writing. Deeply rooted in love, loss, and everything in between, his poetry deeply touches the reader's heartstrings.

A sublime mix of romantic idealism and romantic realism in Alok's poetry makes the reader truly plunge into the real meaning of life and love while trying to push one onto the path of blissful harmony and a peaceful state of mind.

While mostly Alok's inspiration comes from real-life characters and situations, and the diverse cultural backgrounds of his acquaintances throughout the geographies, his poetry is also largely influenced by literary masterpieces of the past as well as original epic texts from his motherland, India. Most of his works are written in English, yet some of them have been later translated into Hindi and Russian.

'Always be a poet, even in prose, wrote Charles Baudelaire. Indeed, not all poems have to be rhymed. While exploring Alok's poetry world, a reader finds free verses to be a common tool in his literary art.

Alok has written over 70 poems to date, most of them have been published online. New poems will appear on this site, so feel free to visit again!

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