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Find me o mystery find who am I….

Well! This is how I see myself… Still trying to discover my raison d'être!
But somewhere, somehow and to some extent you can find me in my verses only if you wish to… I am on a road or multiple roads, trying to find meanings on so many different aspects of life. Not that I am confused, but I do feel that all we know of ourselves is in a dimension that is visible.
However, there are many facets, multiple dimensions, several planes of existence and this is the irony, the fact, the beauty, the complexity of human existence that keeps us going, trying to find ourselves within and without. As I and when I discover, I will try to pen down the thoughts in verses that I think may define to whatever limited extent, my limited sense, intellect, and thinking can take me to... 


I hope the following verses defines my intent, if not me myself! Creativity in something you are passionate about resonates and brings creativity to both personal and professional pursuits too.

This website is a platform for me to portray my thoughts, a humble attempt and an ode to all beings who are intentionally or unintentionally, consciously, or subconsciously in search of creativity, through my gibberish on different aspects of our lives which mostly take a second place in our struggles and strife to take forward the mundane (Most of us call it essential).

I am sure that some of my verses might leave you confused but some might make you think, reason, inspire, return to love, make you see different perspectives on different aspects of your lives for everything begins with a mere thought…doesn’t it?

Before I get too carried away, I would like to convey heartfelt thanks to all the people I have come across including friends, family, relatives, acquaintances across different parts of the world in my travails irrespective of how our human exchange worked out, all my verses in some way carry the impressions you left, or you didn’t! And a special thanks to a special soul who reconnected me with myself and pushed me to express myself in the only way I know, which is through my poetic thoughts!

As everything else in my life, this to is work in progress so please except errors and omissions if you may…

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