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Conversation with the Evil

All through my life I saw you so closely

Still let you pass by

In all moments so varied, you lingered around me

Yet somehow I just smiled and let you be

You meant to overpower me

With your shrewd and cunning ways

And bring me down to show my place

As you thought

I could realize how close you were

Whenever I got contradicting thoughts

I could feel your presence

When I was just about to choose wrong over right

But I perceived you and went for the good

After all these years when I could bypass you

You still hover looking for a chance

A momentary lapse of my reasoning

As with age I go frail and weak

But like yours, please bear in your evil mind

I can also bear garbs and pretenses

Might catch you in yours and do away with you for good

You no longer will loom around us

Looking for the meek, looking for the weak

To capture their soul

To inflict them with your morbid desires

Oh! the evil! stand guard

To protect the gullible, vulnerable, naïve souls

From your pretentious, miserable goals!

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