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A pebble I journeyed with

Once, leisurely walking

I came across a tiny pebble

Caught my fascination and the mind began to drabble

What if I let it lie on the road?

It will stay there for ages

At best it may cover a little distance

If kicked around or picked up by a curious child

I decide to pick it up, hold firmly in my hand

As I walked back home

Unlike the stone, I went places

Years went by, I rolled by

Now back from where I started

I look at myself and I look at the pebble

Still sublime and so content

Still the same in form and shape

No wrinkles or frown

It lays at rest

In peace that could be anyone’s envy

And here I am still to unfold

Where I belong, what I am about

Still to come to peace

Still with doubts

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