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O weak of heart! You swine!

Not too long ago

But still few decades or so

I was a young man with lofty dreams

Or in the retrospect so it seems

I could look at everything straight

Not to mention so was my gait

A complex world I could simply see

Nothing was impossible when it came to me

But the fate struck me with its wand

Left me crippled not just physically but beyond

Took a while for me to stand on my own

The world grew more complex but the simplicity was gone

I could no longer look at things straight

The hurt was hard and changed my gait

Bent my thinking to see with a pinch of salt

The steps to impossibility faltered a bit

A lot of dreams I had to halt

Believe you me for none of my fault

I went within and gathered what was left

None of it was simple or plain as a shaft

In times of trouble your soul is your raft

I pulled and plugged and staggered to be

Something others didn't see in me that I could see

You can call it the fortune of the brave

I chose to turn to life than to grave

In my solitude when I go back to those times

It just brings a tear or two...oh weak of heart you swine

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