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A Poet's Dream

I wish if I could pen down the ultimate verse

Each word would strike a chord with your spirit

Or possibly mend your bare soul

Touch not one but the world has a whole

Take you on a journey to adore the beauty of nature still unseen

Such jewels of places where most of you have never been

For the lonesome, show you your soul mate

For the forbidden, open all gates

To the wounded, work as a balm

For the disturbed, make them calm

The ones who do not hear due to the din

Open their heart and make them listen

Peace and consolation to the aggrieved

Make them free who are bereaved

Work as mantras to soothe the forces of nature

Calms your inner storms and emotions to mature

Remove your shadows of doubts and disdain

Bring forth the braveness and will to sustain

A magic wand for all creations of God

A serene earth and a purposeful abode

Such a verse can only be a creation of dreams

Impossible enough yet so possible it seems

Once I am done lest I will sleep

Tears of joy I will surely weep

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