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Ever so hopeful

In the conundrum called life

Where the best sometimes struggle and strife

What made me stay sane

At a time when I thought all is in vain

When the knees felt so weak, my once so steely resolve couldn't keep

What carried me through that disdain

When the lights faded and the music stopped

Who sang that song to make the heart beat again

When the flowers stopped infusing the sweet smell

And the candle withered in the cold and windy nights

Who brought that divine smell and rays of light

When the smile was hidden by pain

Who made laugh and smile again

My Dearest Sweetheart!

You appeared like the morning dew

Shining in a rainbow like hue

Colored my canvas so bright

I could hum and even sing

Felt in my heart like a king

Started following the stars again

The smiles overcame the pain

Your love so deep has worked like a soothing balm

I rejoice in your company while still staying calm

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