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How do I fathom

How could I fathom the presence of your presence

When you are with me or even when you are not

It lingers on me like a soft subtle effervescence

A warm warmth that surrounds me like a soft blanket

I can feel it so deeply in my heart and soul

When I am awaken by the gentle shudder that makes every inch of me tremble in anticipation

Of holding you, feeling you and touching you

Wanting to be so close as being one

So close that I can carry you with me anywhere I wander

Assuring me that when the heaviness of the unwanted, fatigue or restless tries to overcome me

I could just take recourse to your embrace feeling safe, worthwhile and alive

Resurrected to do more than the mundane discover the unchartered paths, uncover the mysteries of the world and feel the cosmos that encompasses all....

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