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How You Perceive Me

Ironical how you perceive me...

May be things I did, said made you feel this way

May be I was afraid to say what I intended to

Just may be it was the yearning to get to you

If I came out as obsessed, it was an obsession without guile

May be I could have just stayed quite, waited for a while

May be I should have been a little dishonest

In saying what I said

Nothing saddens me more than how you perceive me..

Albeit time has made me weak enough to accept things beyond my control

In another time I would have fought back, reasoned, questioned or shown my anger

But as you say somethings are better left unsaid and I agree

Though do not agree on how you perceive me...

Life for both is rather empty as things stand

We had a common spirit, a bond and a common friend

However you perceive me, this will never die

I may or may not get another chance to say anything

But the times, destiny and truth manifest their true color

However one may not want to see

Hope they change the way you perceive me...

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