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Man meets his soul

With the head buried in the sand of the mighty desert

As the sand storm passes over with me

I feel a deep chill in my spine

Awakening doors and windows that lay closed for eons

Awareness, I never felt before

My trembling feet start taking me in a direction unknown

The heart still doesn’t doubt that it is to the right destination

Or at the least, the path I was destined to travel upon

I see crowds of people looking at me and laughing

I take their ridicule as a challenge which strengthens my resolve

As I venture away from these mortals

I see a faint figure walking on the same path as mine

I gather courage and pace my strides to find this soul

My eyes open up in disbelief

The soul is my own

Was so shaken and forlorn

Thinking I will go where everyone does

Left me in despair

We both huddle and cry in joy

A golden streak of sun thus appear through the dark clouds

We see our rainbow and smile in unison

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