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Musings Of The Heart

I thought that I will send you roses and you will know what I want to say

But then I remembered how much you love roses and it won't convey

I wondered if I should write a prose and that will say it all

My hands were trembling and I was afraid that the ink may fall

Though I can't sing but I thought of composing a song

I couldn't rhyme well and gave up musing this will take too long

I thought maybe I should ask a friend and it will be done

But then contemplated what if it goes wrong and can't be undone

Better I thought that I give you a call and speak to you myself

But what if I get speechless it is not going to help

I could have painted but then where to get the colours I need

And it might rain and the painting will bleed

Why not bake a cake and offer to you

But will it rise, the chances are few

I am running out of ideas as well as time

Thought of the worse thinking you must have already made up your mind

But then my heart said, you already touched her soul being what you are

Leave it to faith and let it decide to take it further and far

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