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Pick Up The Pieces....

Pick up...

One by one..

Pieces of my broken heart

Use the petals of a flower

to not to hurt it any more

Place them in a cloud that moves like a snail

Or a slow tide on a shallow shore

Take them to a soul who is as much frail

Can use my pieces to mend her own

So a heart doesn't go waste

Finds a place and gets some rest

This I think would be the best

For though they say 'ashes to ashes and dust to dust'

A heart should throb coz it must

For faith and love must always prevail

Where 'it' lives won't matter no more

Once it leaves the forsaken shore

Not for itself but for someone else

The wounds will heal and for all times to come

They will say 'it' died for one but lived for all

Didn't get love but love it gave

I end this verse must God forbid,

A dying heart if dies it must saves another before dying first

When losing love don't be afraid

For you may help someone to win

So hear those cries in the crazy din

A spirit cries and another hears

The show must go on

The players will change

At least we won't regret that we lived in vain

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