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Sister...what did God made you of after all….

Can only be second to mother, who could just pour love so pure

A gift that God gave only to you I am sure

How else can one have a heart that big to care for so many?

As I think of you, it’s like an epiphany

Not that you didn’t demand but they were so simple

As simple as how you made the life to be

The chaos around the home, everybody’s mood, tantrums, whims, frustrations, pains, heartaches

You could just soak it all, give a listening ear, and drive the demons away like a magic wand

When I had lost all hope and had no one to turn to, you will always surprise

You would suddenly appear like a young warrior goddess, so gentle and naïve but still so strong and wise

So elementary and so simple was it to share all my secrets and thoughts threadbare

Because you won't judge me, neither create an opinion, nor try to be too wise or stare

If I couldn't face a sight, it was seeing tears in your eyes, I would go listless, hopeless and at wits end

On how to bring back the smile and see you joyous and effusing life itself as you only can

If I want a moment in life that I would go back to

It will be those moments of time I spent with you

If God has to give a home his blessings forever

He would just bless you with a sister you wouldn’t part with ever

No would ever fathom

Sister...what did God made you of after all….

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