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The Road To Eternity...

The road that started from nowhere led me to an unknown sphere

The windings and turns gave me a reflection of unknown hues

My seemingly so colorless life showed psychedelic views

I was overwhelmed with feelings so hard to bear

The endless road was so strange

I never knew that so much I had gained

In wisdom and knowledge of human mind

Such feelings only a forlorn heart can find

A life so listless finally wasn’t wasted

All the grays, blacks and whites were well colored and pasted

The journey that became a travail was so engrossing

The only thought in mind and heart that prevailed

Was to just go on exploring the myriad, myths, mirages and rainbows

An endless search for nothing and everything...From the very truth to what the truth as it is known to be

Till my soul can see the divine light

and my heart can take a joyful flight

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