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The Two Sides Of Love

Our first sojourn….

Like the feel of the dew on a newly grown leaf

Tantalizing thoughts of a life like filled with psychedelic colors

Mesmerizing like the sound of love songs transcending directly from the song birds

The aura coming from a full moon

Or the soothing rays of the sun at dawn

The slight drowse coming from the first sip of wine

Or the cool breeze of gentle waves along the shore

The smell of jasmine and a budding rose

The dull pain of being apart

Heart skipping a beat

Sweet longing and the thrill in anticipation of seeing you

Our final goodbye....

Like the dead leaf that is swept away

A rainbow that never appears

Dreaded howling of wolves from afar

The vacuum…feeling of emptiness seeing the scorching desert sun

The dark of a moonless night

Hallowing sounds of the waves in a storm

Odor from a dead corpse

The mere thought of your absence

Or the grueling realization of not seeing you again

The misery of a broken heart

Painful wailing of an abandoned soul

The morbid fear of not seeing you again

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