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The Two Sides Of Love II

It's so astonishing how our story unfolds

So many chapters unwritten, untold

Perhaps, what was written mattered most?

Or what was unsaid, was actually lost

Will lay in the memories carefully hidden in the heart

No one will figure out the end nor the start

Just privy to the two of us

Not known to who shouldn't and must

Those were the moments so precious and true

Some bring us smiles, others a tear or two

What if these were ever shown?

To all and sundry, the souls unknown

Will they fathom the depth of our love?

The ecstasies and the melancholies so profound

Those moments when we couldn't put our feet on ground

Or the ones we better forget

When he deals the hand of fate

It's unbiased and so much sedate

Partly gold and partly dust

Both we consume as we must

Love is never sheer moments of joy

Bereft with pain you too must enjoy

Nothing is made with a single side

Till you realize what the other hides

All stories start saying when they met

However they end as the fate will set

You come alone and that's how you must go

It's a folly not to accept how he runs the show

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