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To Whom Shall I Give a Rose

So easy for many of you but so hard for me to decide…

Shall I give to my mother who bore me, gave so much to see that I grow up to be a good human being?

To that little girl who used to play with me as if I was her only toy,

Or, to that girl in school who made my hear flutter for the first time

Or to my first love who I always thought will change my life,

Shall I give it to that friend of mine in college who could understand me without me telling her any thing?

To the lady who came into my life and cared for me as one of her own,

Shall I give to my little angel who taught me to still believe in love?

Or to this friend I trust everything with for one but last time,

Or to the girl with her hair falling on her forehead who talks to me like a teacher and helps to stay positive

To all of you maidens I worked with and got your unfailing support, love and respect

To all the women who have come and gone in my life and few who decide to stay for longer and even fewer who might stay forever..

A rose for you in the color you like

And my gratitude and warmest feelings from that fifth chamber of my heart that opens so seldom and rare

Thanks for few moments of happiness, your love and care...

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