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What If I Chose To Be Happy?

I wonder what if I chose to be happy

Will that make you smile?

What if I don’t show my pain?

Will it mean for you I am happy yet again?

If I don’t frown or brood or hide a rotten mood

Will you think that with me all is good?

Or what if I don’t do any of that

And show myself inside out

No pretences, act or self inflicted doubt

Would you understand the feelings of my loneliness and pain?

Will you realize how much I want to be happy yet again…?

Of course I can choose to be happy if that makes you smile

But don’t you sometimes feel to be really happy with no garb, no pretence, no guile…?

It’s a feeling that comes from within and shows amongst the entire din

You watch a rainbow without any rain

You feel elated, joyful and game as if shown a spark of love again

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