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Why I Never Said I Loved You

I never said I loved you

Coz it was so implied

And if I say I don't

It will be a lie

My reason to live is you

Not that the choices are few

No matter how much we are apart

Any day I am ready to start

Once you give a call

I will be faster than a freefall

The reason why I don't miss you

Is that you are always with me

It's not for the world to know

Till the time you can see

I may not shed a tear

I may not cry

For the mere thought of being with you

Can give me the ultimate high

So what it may take few ages

This book has too many pages

Who is in a hurry to end?

True love stories have lot many bends

We may not ever meet

Coz the fate so destined

Fate and destiny are so unaware

Their rules, only the mortals share

Our spirits will rise above

In a place where there is no dawn to dusk

Two souls soar into the heavenly skies

Where no one can hear us or any eye to pry

The kingdom of God is our abode

Where you cannot question me

Why I never said I loved you

Coz it was so implied…

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