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Words, They Play With You When You Play With Them...

Be careful when you play with words

For they have a soul of their own

They play with you when you play with them

Words you say may stir a soul, or they may cause someone grief

Words you say may enlighten a mind

They may show how kind you are even if you are so unkind

Words may win someone’s heart

Words may break someone apart

Words you say you may not mean

The other won’t understand but words would have seen

Words may bring you a fortune untold

Words can cause a misery to unfold

Words you may not say, can travel on their own

You can’t take back once they are gone

Words can win you many a debate

Words can as well seal your fate

Choose your words before it’s too late

Mean your words before you let them out

Remove any apprehension or your doubt

Erase those words you can live without

Bring those words which will make you proud

For when you play with words…

The words play with you…

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