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Yet again.....

Yet again I dare tread that frightening path

Even after getting the heart broken several times

What is this blinding hope that I ride on even knowing how it ended not once but times a few

Is it just foolhardiness or absolute naivety that takes me wondering on the unknown roads so knowingly

What kind of pursuit is that when I live tangled in chains unseen

Why this brittle piece of flesh doesn't want to give in and stay selfsatiated in its own misery

Am I blind and deaf to the cries of the past that won't ever stop to echo

The other part makes continuous but futile attempts to tell that inner voice...enough is enough

You seek what you are not meant to get, the threadbare of your hope is just imaginary that your mind creates

Illusions of love, soul and spirits that don't exist in the real world as it is known

The inner voice still argues unshamed, unabashed and undeterred

It was my destiny to give and yet give again and I have still a bowlfull that will flow out to someone who wouldn't know but will still keep

I will feel sorrowful and plaintive but not angered or bruised...will carry on without hatred or feeling of loss

Merely giving is my joy that none can take, its my faith in love that nor you or anyone will ever shake...

Its a matter of time whether years or eons, none of us shall fathom what is beyond

For whatever of time is left for me on earth, I may not get love but to give, I have no dearth

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