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You never were the one to give up

I have seen you fight it out

In the toughest moments of the bout

Have seen you losing but never puckered

Beaten up and bruised but never withered

They tried to push you to the wall

You staved it off and was always equal to the call

Under rainy days, rough storms and grueling scenes

Your will, your resilience and persistence equaled unseen

Waded through tears and pain, bruised within and those that could be seen

You stifled, you survived, through it all you have been

What's with the unprecedented and impossible

Remember they were all the same

Till they stumbled upon you and fought in vain

Never for a moment feel that they will prevail

You never were the one to give it up

Through the rugged mountains, burning deserts and stormy seas

You will conquer, you will survive and you will sail!

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