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And We Thought He Is The Poorest Of Us All..

In withered clothes and shambled looks

How graceful does he look?

No qualms no fears of today or tomorrow

He is so poor that he doesn't even have any sorrow

While most of us are planning ahead

He is just anxious how he will be fed

As you shop for the winter so far

Just wanting to cover himself he wonders and just looks at the stars

As we search for the elixir to arrest our age

He rubs his bodice with the ashes as a true sage

While some of us brood of the love we have lost

And some cherish the new love we just got

He is unaware of his solitude

Just looking for a little gratitude

For he also is as human as all

Once upon a time he was as poor as us all

Before he was blessed with the divine fall

While we sulk in our abundance and do not realize

He is blissful and content one cannot surmise

He is the richest being amongst us mortals

And we thought he is the poorest of us all…

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