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The Secret Place…

The questions that I pondered upon all my life

Spent so many nights and days

To find where to find the answers

Sought for people, places and things to give me a clue

Scanned through the earth and the sky

Doubted my own thinking if my questions were for real

Or born out of clouds of doubt, a self created illusion

Or a creation of an obscured vision

Or a momentary lapse of reasoning, a delusion

Almost giving up the hope of getting to a rightful conclusion

Mulling that I will die without getting anywhere

All my achievements, accolades I got, wars I fought

Will all be for nothing more than a naught?

Another life wasted searching for nothingness when I could have done so much

Waiting in eternity, standing at the wrong door

A bottle in front with no one to pour

Aspirations, emotions, desires unfulfilled and nowhere to store

Cluttering a four chambered heart, two lobed mind and a forlorn soul

A journey only started but nowhere to end

But that was not to be

For I met a soul who set me free

Told me of a “Secret Place”

Which no one could see

The answers all lied there

Not as a puzzle but as truth so bare

Only that I had to dare to seek within

Not here and there

I gathered all my strength, courage and valor

Sailed inside like a seasoned sailor

Browsed my mind, asked my heart and searched my soul

A search so intense ever untold

Had a bold look at this pot of gold

All the answers lied within

Someone I ignored in the crazy din

A lesson I learned, I share with all you souls

When in doubt just remember my words

Look inside before you follow the herd

Whisper to yourself before you begin to shout loud

Ask yourself and you will find it all

A secret place in your mind, heart and soul…

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