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To All You Mortal Beings

Let my ignorance speak of the wisdom you know not,

Let my naïve not make you think you are too wise,

For all you know ignorance and naivety is nothing but a disguise,

A garb to stay sane in your insane world,

Let my appearance not befool all you so polished and suave,

Let’s look at self inside out and we will all know

What we are really about

The beauty out is not always a mirror of inner self

A heaven from outside could actually be hell

Your charm, your demeanor, your manners are but a sham

For all of you who live in the world of glam

The beauty lies in the innocence of a child’s smile

Or even in his pranks and harmless guiles

On a budding rose yet not plucked from the plant

In a man wanting so much to make some happy

And still brave enough to take a last chance

In the morning dew drops you step on without looking at

In the tears I shed at all moments of truth I met….

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