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Will Get Odds To My Favor

How I hate to see those dark clouds…..looming and obstructing the horizon,

Ruining all those efforts, hours of toil,

So true they say what comes must go back to the soil…

But a man's valor is his persistence, what he creates won't let anyone to spoil.

The dark clouds may laugh at me, but surely not the last laugh...

My perseverance will help me sail this stormy ride…

No sooner than later the sun will shine nice and bright

The dark clouds will melt and be out of sight.

I will carry on with all my might and whatever comes my way I will fight,

No clouds, no storms, no wind no fires….

No one can dare attempt to burn my dreams, my aspirations and my desires…

Success is what I may not achieve but plough I will for I believe

What you sow so shall you reap…

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